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Phillips Contractor Supply is proud to announce a partnership with Colony Hardware. Together we look forward to supplying our valued costumers with Safety Products, Construction Supplies, Rentals, Tools & Equipment.

Visit our partners website at www.colonyhardware.com


Phillips Contractors Supply, LLC was originally Phillips Industrial Products, Inc. founded in 1948 by Frank Phillips. The company was a distributor for a variety of goods and services used in the construction and industrial maintenance industries.

In 1968 the Munson family purchased the business from Frank Phillips. Over the years the Munson family acquired several similar businesses continuing their primary focus towards servicing the construction industry. During their ownership they grew the business from a single operation based in Cleveland Ohio to six locations servicing the greater Northeast and Central Ohio markets. In 1984 a name change and upstream merger took place rolling the subsidiaries (The Day/Maddock Company and Phillips-Harman Company) up into the parent, Phillips Industrial Products, Inc. The name was then changed from Phillips Industrial Products, Inc. to Phillips/Day & Maddock, Inc.

In 1998 Hertz Equipment Rental purchase Phillips/Day & Maddock, Inc. and operated as a branch within the Hertz Equipment Rental division national network. Hertz Equipment Rental primary business and focus was towards renting heavy equipment to the construction industry. Hertz had little knowledge, experience or interest in learning the buying and selling of products associated with distribution. Over their 9 years of ownership, Hertz closed 5 of the 6 locations acquired from Phillips/Day & Maddock, Inc. It became very clear Hertz Equipment Rental primary focus would continue to be in the direction of renting heavy equipment and not distribution.

Thank you for making Colony a leader in the industry. Please call us personally to respond to any questions, problems, suggestions or emergencies you may have. Nothing is more important to our team than understanding how to serve you better.

“Our customers are our top priority”!

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